I am a project manager and I deliver

Skilled at forming and leading highly driven teams that deliver projects with maximum efficiency. Proven interdisciplinary skills perfected while completing projects that spanned teams in several countries. Highly effective in connecting business decision-makers with teams of engineers and designers. Successfully empowering existing teams to grow and deliver.

Significantly contributed to the Polish e-payment revolution by creating an award-winning app for mobile payment services for the largest bank in Central Europe.

You have a project to be delivered? Let’s talk—I can manage your team, or form a new one out of the world-class engineers from Polish software houses.

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I am experienced in managing complex projects that require multi-functional teams to cooperate. I delivered mobile applications, websites, hardware products, desktop and backend apps, big-data services and one operating system as well.

I have experience as a Managing director and Chief information officer. I worked with startups, spin-offs and corporations.

I can help existing teams as well as form a new team from scratch.

  • 10+ years of project management (mobile, web, embedded, IoT, enterprise)
  • 3 years of C-level management experience
  • 2 years of product ownership experience
  • 2 years as agile coach / head of project management
  • Delivered several €1m-€2m projects (counting billable hours alone)
  • Leading teams of 30+ people both in-house and distributed internationally
  • Failed startup experience

Folx – the first in-app mobile network operator

I helped Folx to introduce the first mobile network operator solely in an app. As part of the project, native mobile applications for iOS and Android were created featuring full on-boarding, identity confirmation, payments, self-care and customer support. Another Uber-Driver-like application was developed to allow SIM card delivery in up to 15 minutes since the request.

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Folx – the first in-app mobile network operator

Albert – custom, PCI certified operating system

I helped Aevi (spin-off of the Wincor-Nixdorf company) in a delivery of a custom, hardened, PCI certified version of the Android Lollipop operating system called Albert OS. Albert itself is the world’s first PCI-certified touch screen payment terminal.

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Albert – custom, PCI certified operating system

IKO – mobile payment and banking app

I was responsible for the delivery of the second version of IKO. IKO is a mobile payments and mobile banking solution of the largest bank in Poland PKO BP with over 2m active users. I formed and led a 15+ team of Hewlett-Packard and Polidea engineers, designers and testers.

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IKO – mobile payment and banking app

See more projects

  • smava – moving reporting to the future

    2019 – 2020

    smava – moving reporting to the future

  • Stojaki – café

    2014 – 2018

    Stojaki — café in my hometown

  • BLIK – White-label mobile payment app


    BLIK — White-label mobile payment app

  • Evently – events aggregator

    2011 – 2012

    Evently — events aggregator

  • AngryFile – file sharing tool


    AngryFile — file sharing tool

  • Microbus – mobile timetable

    2005 – 2008

    Microbus — mobile timetable


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  • Stanford Innovation and Entrepreneurship


    Executive Education — "Leading Innovation" program on managing creativity and innovation.

  • WSB University

    Poznan, PL

    Postgraduate one-year long Coaching course, graduated with an A grade.

  • WSB University and Aalto University School of Economics

    Poznan, PL and Aalto, FI

    Aalto Executive MBA, accreditations: AMBAs, AACSB, EQUIS.

  • Polish-Japanese Institute of Information Technology

    Warsaw, PL

    Master of Science in Computer Science graduated with an overall A grade.

  • Technical University of Szczecin

    Szczecin, PL

    Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Science graduated with an overall A grade.


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    Head of Client Projects

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    Managing Director

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    Director, Sales and Business Development

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    Chief Information and Telecommunication Officer

    Szczecin's New Shipyard

Head of Client Projects


As Head of Client Projects at Polidea my main goal was to introduce a client oriented project management to the company. Main achievements:

  • a new project management culture was introduced, heavily oriented on goal, delivery and short learning cycle;
  • one-on-one feedback was successfully implemented in the company;
  • teams perform perfect sprint reviews and retrospectives;
  • hiring and training of four new project managers (including one internally hired);
  • acquiring and ability to handover three €1M projects;
  • leadership of the biggest three projects in Polidea's history followed by successful delivery to clients.

Some brands I worked with

Wincor NixdorfHPDolbyPKOGooglePZUPlay