AngryFile — file sharing tool

AngryFile – file sharing tool

In 2011 I worked as a consultant for Red-Sky and Softline. These companies joined forces to prepare a new product: AngryFile. I was responsible for this joint-venture.

My role was to create the product starting from its concept, product's identity and design, development, marketing and sales. Within six months my team managed to release a fully featured product to production. This included Windows/Mac/Linux desktop clients, storage-backend, website, promo-video and other marketing materials.

The logo prepared for me by Redkroft received thousands of apprecietes at Behance and was presented at The Second Polish Graphics Marks exhibition in 2017.

I am still very proud of the design and development work but... as it usually happens with startups I failed in marketing and sales. The number of active subscriptions was too small to continue the investment. If only I had read "The Lean Startup" before!

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The Second Polish Graphics Marks exhibition
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Angryfile running on OSX

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Angryfile's Facebook poster