BLIK — White-label mobile payment app

BLIK – White-label mobile payment app

In 2014 I created a White-label application for Polish Payment Standard (PSP). PSP is a company formed by six leading Polish banks. PSP provides their customers mobile payment service BLIK.

After a successful implementation of the mobile payment application IKO (described here) the largest Polish bank PKO decided to introduce a new payment standard. Together with five banks (which together owned more than a half of market share) Polish Payment Standard was established. I was asked to create a reference white-label application for other banks to reuse. This new service got the name: BLIK.

BLIK allows users to make online and in-store payments, make deposits and withdrawals at ATMs and send instant P2P transfers. With 33m transactions in the first half of 2018 BLIK is becoming the fastest and the most popular form of online payments and instant P2P transfers.

This application was significantly smaller than IKO as it was mainly focused on one feature—mobile payments using six-digit BLIK code. On the other hand, this app was not only developed but also exclusively designed by my team.

My team was responsible for the delivery of a reference, well documented mobile applications for iOS, Android and Windows Phone. Additionally, a proxy backend server to securely serve a content to these apps was delivered.

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One of the sprint review meetings. Left to right: Android, WP and iOS clients being presented.