2005 – 2008

Microbus — mobile timetable

Microbus – mobile timetable

In mid 2005 (before the launch of YouTube!) I created the first in Poland and one of the world’s first mobile timetable of public transport called Microbus. The application had a total of approximately 100 thousand downloads in my hometown.

This happened in times when WIFI was not supported and the usage of GPRS was rare. Maximum application size (including timetable data) varied between 16kb and 64kb, whereas the whole timetable in plain HTML (no graphics) was 1MB size. From a technical point of view it was a great algorithmic and performance experience.

I believe this is the only piece of code I have ever written that was used so broadly "on production".

a to my master's thesis [PL] defended at Polish-Japanese Academy of Information Technology Prof. Dr. Habil. Eng. Kazimierz Subieta .

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Microbus running on Nokia 6310.
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Microbus running on a Symbian enabled device.