2014 – 2018

Stojaki — café in my hometown

Stojaki – café

Stojaki (a “bike rack” in Polish, but also “to stand” — it’s a word play) was a local café, pub and meeting point which operated in my hometown Szczecin from 2014 until 2018.

Without As there was no decent breakfast and coffee spot in my hometown I decided to open a café. The challenge was that I was still managing projects in Warsaw (500km away). And so this became/Therefore this was one of the greatest lesson on delegating duties.

Stojaki quickly became a hot and vibrant place to meet. Funny fact: Stojaki was promoted by the Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs in their "About Poland" travelers guide. Take a look at "About Poland".

In 2018, after months of not visiting my hometown I decided to sell my place to someone who spends more time in Szczecin. The place is still operating under a new brand.

More at Stojaki's website and Stojaki's FB fanpage.

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Third birthday of Stojaki.
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Stojaki as a checkpoint at bike messengers Alley-Cat event.