smava GmbH

Eric Heymann

Eric Heymann

SVP Technology

Herewith I wholeheartedly recommend Szymon Nieradka for any future employer or client.

As SVP Technology at smava, Szymon was reporting into me and has been assigned to an important and urgent project for the company, which was modernizing the DWH and to buy us time by stabilizing the legacy DWH until then. This project was of very high complexity, due to the technical debt on the one hand, and the vast amount of different active and passive stakeholders and departments that were depending on correct and up-to-date reporting. The expectation was high and intense.

Szymon was able to form a cross-functional, cross-departmental project team that was able to assess and analyze the situation at hand as well as developing a step-by-step strategy to stabilize and scale the legacy solution first, and to decide on the future technology based on a POC that had been concluded and presented to all stakeholders, who agreed on the proposed provider.

His dedication and ability to deliver, as well as the way the whole team had been lead through the project was exceptional, why I recommend him.

Thank you, Szymon, for your great work. It was a pleasure.