Maciej Oczko

Maciej Oczko

Head of Engineering

I worked with Szymon at Polidea (2016-2018), he was Head of Client Services and I was Head of Engineering.

Szymon is the best project manager I’ve ever worked with. Give him a project, no matter how big or complex, and he will deliver it.

There’s three aspects of that: practical intuition, analytical approach, and humble learning.

First, could be characterized by something, I call practical intuition. About the people in the team, about the product and about the client. His interpersonal skills and empathy allows him to have a gut feeling about upcoming issues long before they araise.

Second, he has deeply analytical mindset. It results in very thoughtful and smart reasoning, backed by technical background.

Third, Szymon is always eager to learn new things. Although, he has tons of experience, he’s willing to challenge status quo and perform mindful experiments.

Personally, working with Szymon has been often demanding and has put me out of my comfort zone a lot. And this was great.