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Martina Tomis

Martina Tomis

Business Analyst

Szymon honestly and truly cares. By combining an open mind, understanding and creative and focused thinking, he always gets to the most efficient solution which keeps everyone happy.

We spent almost 2 years working together on a challenging Android-based product with critical security requirements. Szymon was our project manager and I was a business analyst.

I could always rely on Szymon’s support. He creates a friendly atmosphere which allows everyone to get to the core of the problem and resolve it with ease and smile.

I’m grateful for everything that I was able to learn from Szymon. The most impressive artistry that Szymon masters is a truly agile mindset and the magic of keeping things simple, yet powerful.

I consider Szymon not to be merely our project manager, but also my friend and mentor.

If you need to get things done and people happy, Szymon is exactly the person to go to.