Mateusz Grzechociński

Mateusz Grzechociński

Project Lead Engineer

I can truly admit that in my 8 years of professional career I was lucky enough to be managed by people who were an extraordinary mixture of technical and soft skills and who believed in other people. Szymon is definitely one of those guys and the one who influenced me the most.

We collaborated for over a year and a half in the IKO project (the biggest Central European mobile payment solution) where Szymon was the main leader, responsible for the whole solution and the communication bridge between the customer and development teams.

First of all, Szymon is simply a guy you can count on. Extremely communicative, but no over-communicative. With solid technical background, he is focused on customer needs and always tries to find the best solution. He believes in team spirit and everyone’s self-development which is always followed by great product quality. With perfect timing, never forgets about anything, especially blocker issues. He understands terms like technical debt, testing, refactoring. The last with some slight problems, though ;)

Last but not least, I really admire his attitude to other people. Personally, he gave me a lot of freedom in terms of making decisions while I’ve been leading the mobile development team. That gave me a lot of self-confidence and willingness to always move forward. I always knew he is willing to help, give advice, motivate and to criticize as well. I learnt a lot from him and I really appreciate it.

Having project led by Szymon means leaving it in good hands.