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Mattias Forsberg

Mattias Forsberg


I hired Szymon as a consultant to work with the Data-team at my current employer at the time. This was during a time when the team had serious issues with both staffing and technology.

Szymon showed the ability to join the team and quickly get up to speed with the strategic direction we needed to go, the current state of solutions as well as sentiments of the staff and quite quickly built a plan on what to do short term as well as long term together with the team.

I was impressed by Szymon's skilled leadership during this period and how he could traverse between strategy, technology as well as people. The work they did together created massive results in a short time leading to advantages thanks to data that previously were merely a dream.

Worth mentioning is that Szymon's leadership remote is fantastic. I can warmly recommend working with Szymon, as he has a great sense of humor, highly skilled in technology and big data solutions, and tells things as he sees them.

You can always count on him telling you what he sees. This, I believe, is only one of the many qualities Szymon has that will be beneficial in any context he ends up in.